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Married Game Podcast

Apr 21, 2020

In rockstar relationships the partners remember often why they fell in love with each other. 

In today's episode Keith and Jesse share an experience they had in their reconciliation that had them focus on aspects of their history that they hadn't considered. 

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Apr 17, 2020

Your "vision" is inherently tied to the goal you're seeking to reach. 

It's no different in your relationship. In this episode, Keith and Jesse break down how to understand, apply and thrive with an understanding of what you want and how you'll get it in our relationship. 

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Apr 14, 2020

Let's talk about dating.

Your spouse. 

Or more appropriately, how about before you date them, you DECODE them?

Let's discuss. 


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Apr 10, 2020

We all love the "new car smell" in a relationship sense. And sometimes it feels like things are too far gone to fix the problems in your relatonship and you look for someone new. 

In this episode, we tackle this idea and separate the truth from the lies. Is there someone else that's better for you? 

Let's see...

Apr 7, 2020

Another great myth buster today. 

What do you think, should you go to bed mad?

The mantra of "don't go to sleep angry" is our topic today and we're going to go deep. Consider this discussion as you ponder your own experience in relationship. 


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